Fabricating Tubes. Design & Mfr. Tubular Parts & Assemblies. Specialties Include, Bending, Beading, Flaring, Flanging, Swaging, Welding & Mandrel Bending.
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Tube Fabricating Design Chart

Mandrel Bend
Minimum flatness in bend area. Round tube up to 3" O.D.
Cope Cut
Square tube to round, mitre cut also available.
  Press Bend
Some flattening inside of bend area, less expensive than mandrel bend and most common.
    Cope Cut
Round tube, also refered to as saddle cut. Radius ends for snug fit when welding to same size or larger tube.
  Mandrel Bend
Square tube up to 2". Bending without mandrel is also available.
    Bend, Flatten
Curled to fit tube with hole.
  Rectangular Tube
Bent easy way. Bent hard way also available.
    Notch End
Any configuration to your specification.
To one side or center. Radius end and punch hole.
    Mandrel Punch
Or drill holes thru 1 wall or both. No dimple.
  Flatten & Offset
Radius ends and punch hole.
    Hole Punch
Thru 1 wall or both. With dimple.
Reduce end of tube to fit self or to your dimension. Any length, straight or bent tubes.
Or round holes in square or round tube. One wall or both.
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